An Overview On The Recent Updates On Google Maps

The multi-faceted use of Google has managed to promote the status of the search engine to staggering heights. It no longer is the application that is used to look things up when in need. Google has scaled heights and has grown to encompass a lot more than what it originally set out to be. Let’s face it, the search engine giant has indeed turned into a phenomenon that is continuing to take the world by storm, so much so that the proper noun is now being used as a verb. Yes, “Googling” is now a verb and no, it does not sound strange when individuals incorporate it into daily conversations.

google map
In fact, the very idea of traveling too has gone through an upgrade because Google intervened. Long gone are the days when getting lost while looking for some obscure alley resulted in torn hairs and swear words. With the introduction of Google Maps, such concerns are a thing of the past. The navigation tool brought forward by Google makes it extremely convenient to flit through alleys and lanes without halting to ask for directions. One click and your location along with your neighborhood would be immediately represented virtually, giving you both audible and visual directions leading toward your destination.

The recent updates that Google has been subjected to prioritise the manner in which the relevant information is displayed as per the user’s requirements, making use of a variety of colors and fonts that differentiate one functionality from the other. The user situation is now given an importance that sees to it that the application can be customised to suit the needs of the time. The newer updates include presenting tailor-made instructions and directions irrespective of the mode of transport. The congestion of traffic when you are traveling by buses, nearest gas stations when you are driving or a quaint cafe when you are taking a stroll can be easily spotted with the new and improved Google maps.

The colours and the icons too have undergone an upgrade that makes spotting different areas of interest an easy task. Pubs, theaters, temples, hospitals and so on are each represented through a different shade. And what’s more, the icons too help distinguishing one establishment from the other, guaranteeing users with a seamless experience.
Google has increasingly shifted its focus from the roads to the places and this detailed approach has undoubtedly turned Google into a lifestyle app.

From the bringing out newer updates in the form of Google Earth, Assistant and more in the recent years, Google has increasingly raced ahead of its competition. Not only have the website designs undergone massive changes but the user interface too has been incorporated with customisable and easy-to-use elements. Mapping is an essential tool that elevates the user experience exponentially and going by the recent trends, Google is surely looking to cement its position amongst the top rungs.

Travel solo without a fear in the world with the trusty Google maps always there to assist you.

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