An Overview On The Constant Evolution Of Google’s Iconic Logo

The world of media and technology is developing at a rapid space and it only makes sense that the phenomenon that has taken our planet by storm too is adapting promptly to the changing scenario. Yes, we are indeed talking about Google; it has for the most of us, moved beyond being a simple search engine. Google has grown to encompass a lot more aspects of the daily life, without which even the most basic of the human functions seems unthinkable. And we have only Google to blame for this chronic dependency. With an increase in the number of updates and innovative functionalities being churned out of Google’s coffers almost every year, the dependency will only grow from strength to strength.

Along with the services that Google provides, from replacing the Oxford dictionary with its presence to booking movie tickets for us, Google has over the years strived to remain abreast with the evolving times and had given itself a new look time and again. Logo Designing techniques hold an equally important position in the Google offices as it does anywhere in the world. Google’s graphic designer, Ruth Kedar admits to have dabbled with a lot of colour variations before finally zeroing in on the four primary colours: blue, green, red and yellow. The brand identity of Google has now reached such stratospheric levels that seeing the colours together on any platform immediately reminds one of the search engine. Yes, recent developments have also led to the transformation of the word from a mere noun to a verb. Don’t believe us? Google it.

Constant Evolution Google Iconic Logo

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The recent innovations of GIFs, parallax effects and even cinemagraphs have influenced the logo designs of Google and the word that appears on the homepage is no longer static. Animations reign supreme at this stage and Google it seems is not wary from these developments. With the introduction of new and customisable logo designs, the logo itself changes as soon as it senses an interaction from the user’s end. It condenses into a multicoloured ‘G’ as it moves from the homepage to the ‘search results’ pages and stay there literally bouncing in anticipation.

Another significant change that have overcome Google is its ability to detect instructions that are imparted using the user’s voice. The small symbol of the microphone changes into dots awaiting a response and then gives way to equalizers that move in tandem with the voice. Such changes seem like minor modifications on Google’s part but indeed hold a significant position in the world of logo designs.

Google Animated Logo

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User interactivity is prioritised in this tech-savvy age and is done so for all the right reasons. Google’s Doodles, perhaps the single most greatest innovation till date that Google had subjected itself to is something that is worth mentioning multiple times. Transforming the logo itself with complex animations and a high level of interactivity, the doodles trace a historic event almost every day, offering users a unique experience everytime they access it.

Incorporating a successful brand identity should thus be a lesson that companies both big and small must learn from Google. After all, moving the logo text along with the movement of the cursor is an innovation that deserves to be lauded.

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