Evolution of logos throughout the ages

In this day and age of rapid advancement, an innovative and creative logo design is one of the most important pillars on which a company stands. Logos are nothing but the symbolic representation of the company, its ethics and its principles. Yes, it is indeed possible to represent such heavy ideas through the creation of a simple design. Logos are often what your potential clients see the first time they come across your company. These images are as important as the name of the company itself and serve as part of the brand identity for the company. Creating a brand identity that resonates with your target audience is crucial before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, and logos play a vital role in that process.

The History Behind The Rise Of Logo Designs

What Started It All

The development and creation of logos can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians who used complex hieroglyphics to successfully convey emotions and tell stories. Credit must also be given to the ancient Romans and Greeks who made use of signs and images to symbolise thoughts and ideas. Perhaps it is through these important workings of capturing a thought or a notion using a simple image, that efficiently puts across the inherent meaning are how logo designs are inspired. Logo Design Services cater to the emotion behind the company’s aims and goals and create designs to suit those very needs.

Logos In The Early Stages VS Logos In The Present

Logos are usually associated with websites and web content but did you know that the official use of logos for businesses started in the year 1950? It was in the early 1950s that America made use of this unique concept to promote their companies and make a firm impression in the minds of the people. This was the age when Internet was unheard of and the logos lacked what logos nowadays can hope to achieve through advanced technology. It has now become the front and centre of a brand’s identity and is used across all platforms to connect more with the customers. This relatively simple, innocuous symbol has enough potential to either take the company miles ahead of its competitors or drag it down to the generic pool of regular ventures that struggle to create a connection with the desired audience.

Logos In The Early Stages VS Logos In The Present

Take for example the genius behind Apple or even Nike’s logo symbols. Theirs are the kind of logos that logo designers hope to recreate. An apple that is half eaten and a stroke across a surface with “NIKE” written in bold have taken the world by storm. They succeed in conveying so much, yet displays next to nothing about their products or services. The half eaten apple is an underlying nod to the Biblical story of forbidden knowledge and the simple stroke represents how you must always be in motion, moving forward relentlessly. These logos are now the mediums through which the world identifies the company’s brand. Try closing your eyes and visualise your iPad. Do you also unwittingly conjure an image of the famous half eaten apple? That is the power a logo wields.

Its Significance

People have become increasingly aware of visual images. Things that they can see before reading about it. Your logo would serve as the face of your company. If the logo, the first thing you put out for your users, does not create an instant connect or does not create an intrigue about the services your company promises to provide, then it might be time to do a rework of your logo design.

The team at Logo Design India makes sure that the branding that you wish to create is successfully carried out, resulting in an increased prominence of your company. The need of unique, authentic logos is primal in surviving in these vast markets where similar products are available in abundance. The more novel your brand image is, the stronger your customers’ loyalty would be (as a new approach excites and incites), resulting in the eventual rise in your sales.

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