Are You Turning into a Workaholic Logo Designer? Check the Symptoms to Know the Truth

Workaholic people are obsessed with work. They spend majority of their time by working and consequently, ignoring personal relationship. However, the harsh truth is that most people working at a logo design company do not start their career as workaholics.

During the initial stages of their career, they attempt to balance their personal and professional lives. However, due to job pressure and other factors, they slowly turn into workaholics.

How would you identify whether a person is workaholic? What are the symptoms? Answers are stated below.

Skips Food - This is the most obvious symptom. A person obsessed with work prefers to skip meals because of lack of time. If he manages to find time, he will opt for fast food, rather than wholesome meals. They prefer fast food because it provides them with a ‘feel good factor’, especially when they are stressed.

Sleeps Less - A workaholic person hardly sleeps for 4-5 hours at night. He works until late hours at night and wakes up early to finish the pending tasks.

Avoids Taking Breaks - A workaholic logo design professional considers breaks as wastage of time. He prefers to work, even during the breaks. Even if he is tired and stressed out, he will continue working. He avoids opting meaningful activities, such as reading a book or going out for a stroll during the breaks.

Does not Enjoy Holidays/Vacations - A workaholic person will finish pending tasks, even during the holidays. He does not enjoy holidays and waits for the office to reopen. Even if he is sick, he will pop a medicine and rush to work.

Avoids Socialization - A person whose life revolves around work avoids catching up with friends and relatives. Rather, he prefers to stay at office and complete the tasks. He may even miss the special occasions of his life.

Does not have Time for Family - A workaholic person fails to understand the importance of meaningful relationships. He remains busy with work, thus ignoring personal relationships. Rather, he prefers to be alone so that he can concentrate more in the work.

Does Not Believe in Team Work - A person obsessed with work assigns himself all the tasks. He does not advocate teamwork. This is because he believes that quality of work produced by other team members could be unsatisfactory.

Talks about Work in Every Situation – A workaholic person will talk about his job in any situation. His conversation will always revolve around work and work-related issues.

Prefers Multitasking - A workaholic person opts for multitasking because he believes that it prevents wastage of time and enhances productivity. He loves to perform various tasks at the same time.

Hates People who Gives More Importance to Personal Life - A workaholic person believes that work should be considered the topmost priority in any situation. He hates people who give greater importance to personal life, rather than professional life.

We highlighted some symptoms of a workaholic person. If you think that you are exhibiting some of these symptoms, sort out your priorities. Remember that maintaining a balance between personal and professional life will provide you with both emotional and material satisfaction.

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