Trends To Incorporate In Websites For The Year 2017

With rapid developments in the fields of technology, it is only natural that creativity in all aspects is attempting to peak. The world, as it stands today, is hurtling towards digitisation. From creating unique brand identities, logo designs and attractive graphic designs that are in tune with the leading trends, efforts are being made to establish and market businesses in every way possible. A brand identity that is unique from the generic crop is essential to make it big in the technology driven world where you get exactly couple seconds of fame if your line of business lacks novelty. Care must be taken to design the marketing tools in a ways that address the needs of the times and that which remain abreast with the latest developments. It is thus essential to research and look out for the subtle changes that have occurred in the world of visual designs and an attempt to incorporate them in to existing ones.

Trends Incorporate Websites Year 2017

Graphic designing is a complex art that ropes in a lot of factors. Graphic designs are meant to create a unique identity and idea about the company through the use of innovative fonts, images, texts, videos, such that it resonates with the target demographic. Logo and brand identity designs are thus created after much deliberation and surveys on the potential customer base and continuing from there. Designs that are contemporary yet can uphold the values and personality that the company wants to portray to the world are thus the reigning phenomenon in the year 2017.

Here are a few elements that are a must-have to leave your mark in the fickle industry of visuals.


Clients are always on the go. So how do you plan to grab their attention even when they are not hooked on to their laptops and monitors? By making your presence felt in the next best thing. Their mobile phones. Websites now need to be redesigned to fit the limited screen space in a way that that does not distort or take away from the original and that which enable users to have access to the same information without experiencing any interruption. Downward scrolling is key as it enhances continuity as opposed to scrolling sideways as well as the optimisation of images to look the same no matter the device they are viewed on.

The Colour Green

Pantone had already declared Green the colour of the year and with the increasing awareness towards environmentalism, it seems like the colour is here to stay. ‘Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings’ is how Pantone describes it. The colour that is now doing the rounds can be incorporated in websites that promote nature in some regard or can also be mixed creatively with other hues to give an edge to brand designs.

Logo Redesigns

The current year dictates a demolition of abstract logo designs and a drive to make logos more lucid, more clear. The idea is to hit the concept directly home without resorting to unconventional images and symbols that are often misconstrued even when the designs look brilliant. Logos are windows into a company’s soul and thus must be created keeping in mind the impression that the line of business wants to portray.


GIFs had been under the spotlight for quite some time now and 2017 is the year when the trend of moving images might finally recede into the background. Cinemagraphs are the new kids in town that provide a sophisticated edge to an existing website. These elements unlike the GIFs constitute still images on which a single element keeps moving. These stylised images are a great addition to web pages making it more interactive and accessible for the clients.

Corporate identity designs have gone through quite an upheaval within the last few years and the trend it seems would continue. Enlist the services of renowned logo designing company, Logo Design India to know what is trending and have your website refurbished for better conversions.

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