The trendiest Android app UI design for 2017

Customers expect that your business will have a mobile app presence. As a result, businesses are investing in mobile apps. Mobile apps are created to deliver excellent user experience.
They are critical for creating major brands to market your product and the services that you offer. Here are the latest trends of the mobile app design.

Emerging dominance of Touch ID technology :

Touch ID technology in mobile apps is quickly dominating. Touch ID is authenticating Apple pay, your Amazon account and much more. The technology has made online verification safer, easier and faster.

Trendiest Android app UI design

Card design layout :

Effective mobile apps use the card design layout. Card design layout help to divide and appropriately place the content on the website. Card design layout has great utility in attracting potential customers to your business.

Material design never left :

In 2014 Google introduced the concept of material design. Mobile apps generously use the material design technology, as it offers fast-loading effects such as animations. Material design is intricately linked to card design and is here to stay.

Calm color pallets :

Pastel shades in mobile apps will be popular in 2017 as reflected in apps like Facebook, Tumblr etc. Homogeneous color scheme with a mild variation in intensity will reign supreme in 2017. Calm colors will dominate over flashy and bold colors. Irrespective of the color of your brand, use it with subtlety to create an elegant mobile app.

Upgraded UI for gestures :

Mobile app user interface with advanced functionalities such as gestures make your app highly relevant in terms of usability, retention and user experience. The gesture, however, must be implemented flawlessly in the user experience. Ideally, the gestures must improve interaction and increase the speed of user action. Gesture interactions will take mobile experiences to an interesting new level.

Invisible navigation :

Mobile apps generally use the navigation drawer to hide navigation. When not in use different functionalities are hidden to save space for viewers. Menu becomes visible and available only when required and stays invisible for the remaining time.

Emphasis on unique fonts :

Like individual handwriting is unique, developers are designing mobile apps that have a unique font style. Thus there is an increased focus on selecting creative fonts in mobile app ui design. Typography enhances user experience through improving readability of the content.

Apps designed exclusively for wearable technology :

Wearable devices are the latest technology trends. Developers and designers are focused on ways of making simple and effective apps customized to that platform. Wearable apps may have unique features such as gesture driven audible alerts, text notifications, and much more.

Social media buttons are irreplaceable :

Research shows that apps without social media buttons are considered incomplete. Mobile app designers are always looking for impressive ways to place social media buttons on mobile apps. Business app, e-Commerce app, service app or game app require social media buttons.

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