Top trends in brochure design for 2017

A premium quality brochure design can help you to get more business leads. With a good brochure design communicate the products and services that you are offering to your potential customers or clients. A well designed brochure can help to increase customer engagement with your brand, increase conversion rate and speed business growth. Here is a collection of the most happening brochure design for 2017.

Brochure Design

Modern Retro Design

Modern retro draws its stylistic influences from the 1970s to the 1990s. The modern retro design has a sense of nostalgia, a retro yet contemporary feel, and the design is easily identifiable by the user. Modern retro design is a fun and light style. The simple shapes and bright colors are designed to be attention-grabbing. Very popular modern retro design includes tech themes and space themes featuring old desktop and StarWars, music themes featuring turntables or boom boxes, pixel art that mimic first-generation video games and neon colors that is a reminder of the neon lights.


Minimalist logo quintessentially embodies a complex idea that is presented simply through careful editing and restraint thus generating the greatest impact. Fundamentally the minimalism technique aims to achieve a design through simplicity. Globally recognizable, outstanding and most memorable logos have simple, uncluttered designs. Top Fortune 500 companies use minimalist logo to build their corporate identity. For e.g., Walmart, Exxon Mobile, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, General Motors, Ford Motor and AT&T use clean logos that feature texts and an icon, which does not have an ornate look rather a sparse look created with clean lines. The icons represents sophisticated ideas pared down to few lines and shapes.

Responsive Logos

Because of the great impact of mobile first strategy on business growth, web browsers are designed and developed for multiscreen devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktops. Modern web demands responsive logos. Conceptually responsive logos are scalable logos. Because of the limitations of small screens, when logos are squeezed to fit into the available space, lose the unique fonts and small details, and are rendered unrecognizable. Responsive logos are designed in several steps and that includes making variants of the same logo. Logos are adapted for the small screen by removing small details step by step in a systematic manner. As seen in famous brands like CocaCola, Chanel, and Nike, logos start out with the company’s name on huge emblem to just a symbol representing the brand. Responsive logos are always designed staying true to the authenticity and core message of the brand.

Bold Photography and Sleek Design

Bold photography and sleek design embodies a unique blend of class and adventure. The technique combines beautiful photography or realistic painting with stacked text, sharp lines, handwritten calligraphic type or sans serif font, and bold borders in bright colors. The combination is effective to better emphasize specific information and draw greater attention of the potential customers in a fast paced and information cluttered world. The design exudes sophistication and excitement, and works perfectly for social media promotions, and display ads, wherein a brief message is must be communicated instantly.

All the design trends are targeted at providing new graphical experience and to do away with old boring graphic designs.

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