An Overview On Microsoft’s Fluent Design System

Microsoft with its Fluent Design System is aiming to include a more fulfilling experience across every possible platform through mobile applications. The change from flat design to a fluent design system has been a gradual one and web developers would only get to test it after it had successfully gone through the tests in the real world.

Microsofts Fluent Design System

“We’re going from a flat design language..into the immersive, multidimensional one,” said Bojana Ostojic who is the principal design manager in the Windows devices group. “We’re going from small screen and touch to now appreciate the full range of devices and input types, and we’re moving beyond just consumption and communication into also creativity and curation.”

Mobile App UI Design and mobile application development have indeed been going through a lot of innovations in the recent years and show no signs of slowing down. The constant developments of technology has made it possible to enhance the users’ experience while using mobile phones and this is where the new fluent design system comes in. The new visual framework is inspired by the real world elements and imbue UI design with a novel dimension.

The various principles employed to make Fluent Design the design of the future are the following:


The element of light is used to draw the user’s attention towards the digital product and heightens the user’s interaction.


The depth adds on to the three dimensional vision of Fluent Design as it lends an impression of space and layers into it. The architecture used in the application enhances and prioritises the important elements making it easier for clients to access it.


The intelligent sensors make movement across the user interface an easy process. Animations, graphics, parallax add on to the enjoyment of the users. The interactivity too gets enhanced and the superior transitions that the design guarantees, wins the clients over.


The use of numerous designs, textures and surfaces make the user interface an enjoyable one to access. The experience too is a highly rich one and establishes an extremely engrossing visual effect.


Scale depends on the responsive and adaptive user interfaces on a plethora of devices and this is how Fluent Design Systems succeed.

The bold and intuitive design of this system are designed to attract new age users. The robust and clean methodologies used to accentuate the elements. The Fluent Design System is considered a smart option as the information is presented in a way that makes perceiving and understanding it way easier. One of the highlights of the method is the way in which minimalism meets with skeuomorphism making for a delightful contribution to the world of mobile gadgets and technology.

The success of the Fluent Design System, is however to early to gauge and put a stamp on. Since Microsoft’s hold over the digital world is not as stable, nothing can be said for sure about its success. It definitely is a step forward in this modern era of devices where three dimensional designs reign.

It is thus only a matter of time before it is revealed how successful this newer approach is.

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