A New Logo, A Newer YouTube!

The logo designers at YouTube must have an exhausting week lined up for them as inquisitive minds will have plenty of questions that need immediate answers. And rightfully so. YouTube, one of the massively popular video streaming platforms, has recently gone through a few drastic changes. Not only has the user interface been subjected to changes but the blazing red ‘play’ icon that somehow managed to encompass the entirety of the phenomenon that is YouTube, is no longer where it has been these past 12 years.

YouTube New Logo Design

Reaching over 1.5 billion people every month, the logo of Youtube is right up there with Twitter and Facebook and is synonymous with connectivity. “We have the word tube in a tube” is what the head of the YouTube art department Christopher Bettig has to say. Not anymore, as the “tube” or the rectangular red box that contained the word “tube” has now shifted far left and is featured before the word “YouTube”. An insignificant change on the surface but not really.

According to a recent report, the shuffle in the design has not been an arbitrary decision. Google claims that the change allows the application to work better on a number of devices and also on smaller screens. The red play icon is now designed and placed in such a way that it would represent the entirety of the brand. The changes would also include a brand new typeface and an overall modification of the colours that the brand logo constitutes.

Logos are what clients, customers and users identify the brand with. Logos are such an inherent and crucial element of the branding and promotion of the company that at times it can even supersede the actual name and a subsequent tag line of the company. Over time and with plenty of promotions over all the social media platforms, logos or the images that accompany the brand name are what remain ingrained in the minds of the people. Such is the power that a logo holds that it is what is primarily used to identify a company with. Hiring professional logo designers thus becomes crucial during the developmental stages of your enterprise. A seemingly simple process but customising logo design can indeed be a tough ask. It is important for you to convey your exact requirements and the principles of the company for the logo designers to meet those expectations and come up with a desirable result.

As in the case of YouTube, the need to establish a design that successfully circumscribed its evolution throughout the years seemed like a natural progression on to the next step. Relying on iconography that had already sustained the brand since 2005, the art department at YouTube decided to instil a subtle change within the logo itself. It is not limited to desktops as was originally planned but has spanned boundaries and now a TV set without the option to stream videos from YouTube is considered a poor investment.

This is to further reiterate that the role of logos and subsequently logo designers is paramount. Not only are they limited to developing logo designs at the initial stages of the company’s inception but their services can also be enlisted to incorporate changes into the existing designs to be in tandem with the present times.

Appoint logo designers of repute and let your logo speak volumes about your company!

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