Mobile App Trends That Would Dominate 2017 And Beyond

The markets for mobile gadgets are booming and how. The increase in the consumption of online content on the go is also directly proportional to the sale of smart devices. It is in this context that we can mention how mobile based applications play a great role in the daily usage of these devices.

Apps are no longer frivolous additions to the interface of a phone but are one of the most important features on which a business can potentially stand. With data and information readily available due to the presence of these gadgets, companies are looking to launch their services through applications as well. Having a website friendly approach towards business is not nearly enough to boost sales unless it is app driven. Applications are easy to access, consume lesser data and help streamline the services for potential clients. Their on-the-go nature is also an added benefit that makes it even more favourable.

Mobile Apps are not only a great way to enhance sales but also help in branding and promotion. It is estimated that apps will be a thriving 100 billion dollar business by the end of the current decade. The rapid technological advancements contribute towards the constant innovations in the app development field leading to companies to consider some of the latest trends that are sure to dominate in the coming years.

Mobile App Trends That Would Dominate 2017 And Beyond

Accelerated Mobile Pages
Google’s novel initiative last year to recommend websites that are enabled with this feature was quite a success as these sites that come with a lightning bolt sign load faster and are ranked higher by the search engine. Quite a few mobile apps too are on the verge of choosing AMP to reduce bounce rate among users and implement prompt loading on mobile devices. This is also a viable option for publishers as AMP enabled sites increase the exposure of advertisements resulting in more traffic.

Enhanced Security
Garner Prediction states that most of the apps that are developed throughout the year fail to pass the advanced security test. It becomes quite easy for hackers to gain access to personal information that users unwittingly give out while using the apps. Apps also demand an access to the internal storage and work only after the login details have been given. Such vulnerability need to be checked from causing further difficulties and provide a rigid gateway to prevent system information leak and privacy violation.

M-commerce and Mobile Pay
According to the US Mobile Commerce Forecast, Mobile e-Commerce is expected to double in the year 2020. The increase in online payment portals like mobile wallet, Google Pay and a host of other convenient methods, the need to use plastic money to make online purchases is steadily diminishing. This integrated payment technology is also responsible for the constant rise in mobile transactions as it is not only hassle free but also provides complete security.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications are an integral feature that will continue to rise in popularity in the near future. Apps integrated with this feature enable developers to alert clients of attractive deals and offers. This is also an innovative way to gain access without actually opening the app and allow a mutual interaction between users and developers through short messages.

Mobile app development is a complex process and the methodologies involved need to be always updated to include newer features. Following the current trends as well as keeping a look-out for upcoming ones to support the development of apps will only enhance your business further.

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