The Many Elements That Went Into Creating The FIFA U-17 Logo

Be it within the scope of companies or outdoors in sporting arenas, the importance of logos cannot be compromised. Logos uphold the identity of the business. The colours, the images, the text make a logo and are crucial in conveying the thoughts behind their conception and purpose. Often considered even more important than the few, choice words used to describe the motto of the company, logos definitely define your business. From graphically designing logos to adding animation, designers can comfortably stretch their imaginative prowess into creating a work of art. It provides a face to someone’s ideas through visually attractive means and thus must be designed with much caution.

FIFA U17 Logo Mascot

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Logos have also contributed to the Sports industry in more ways than one. Every major sporting event, from the Commonwealth, Olympics, The World Cups and much more are now represented through logos. Branding a sporting event or a sports team with a logo gives it an identity that define the very core. A unique brand value is created through the implementation of logos that can take the business places. Not only is the perception of the sporting value increased, but a brand loyalty can also be created through the right visuals.

Fifa U17 World Cup Logo

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The unveiling of the FIFA U-17 World Cup, 2017 logo and mascot has been attended with much fanfare, bringing a close to the palpable anticipation that surrounded it. The mounting pressure had definitely been on the Local Organising Committee, its chairman and the FIFA President Gianni Infantino. And understandably so.
As the authorities have rightfully claimed, India has a tremendous amount of scope to accept International football and be recognised for it worldwide. Not only have stadiums being refurbished into grand locations to host this prestigious event but the branding and marketing too has been top notch, leaving no leaves unturned.
The Fifa World Cup Logo for the U-17 football teams are fashioned upon the iconic FIFA trophy, albeit with a few, innovative incorporations.

FIFA U17 World Cup Mascot

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The logo design company assigned with the task knew what this magnanimous responsibility entailed and they have successfully delivered on all fronts. The logo at first glance appears to present a vibrant and colourful image of the now popular FIFA trophy. But on closer inspection, we can spot the many meticulous layers that have contributed to the logo becoming one of the most memorable ones in the history of FIFA. The Indian Ocean, banyan tree, the Ashoka Chakra and a burst of stars constitute the logo. The soothing blues of the vast ocean is what makes up for the base of the emblem that contains the number 2017. The greens of the iconic Banyan tree is represented through an arc along with a beautifully incorporated kite that upholds the jovial vibrancy of the democracy of India, defining freedom. The burst of stars at the top that bring this gorgeous image together is that of the Ashoka Chakra that is integral to the Indian subcontinent.

What the logo has done with such gracefulness is bring to light the colourfulness, the festivities and the deep rooted ethos of the Indian culture by painting it with colours that can convey to the world the diversity of the country. With India being the host of the tournament, the added responsibility called for a representation of the subcontinent as a whole. And this too has been delivered by the creation of Kheleo, the leopard as the brand mascot. FIFA tournaments are known for their unique mascots and this year too has been no different. The leopard is one of the rare species found in the forests of the Northern regions of India and is facing extinction. The decision to incorporate it as the image of a global tournament thus helps to raise awareness in the world that would consequently lead to adequate steps being taken to right the scenario.

The FIFA fever as fanatics like to term it has started and is ticking all the right blocks. The buzz for the tournament has been generated from the unique logo and branding that has been doing the rounds for months now. The success can thus lead us to conclude that the brand logo design for FIFA has indeed been a positive step and an added triumph for India.

Customising logos and its creation is a necessary step for businesses to solidify their brand identity for the world. Invest in one with ample research to not fall into the generic stretch.

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