What makes a Successful Corporate Identity Design

Design is beyond graphic design, which is narrow in scope and definition. It includes the design strategy as well. Design should not be confined into meaning artistic representation, rather it should also incorporate the steps laid out or strategy used to achieve the specified goals. Corporate identity design is an amalgamation of logo, fonts, colors, brand strategy, quality, community and culture.

corporate identity design

1. Logo Design
A logo gives your business an immediate recognition. An effective logo design is exceptional in enhancing brand visualization. It generates a high brand recall. It is great in differentiating your company from that of your competitor. It helps you stand out amidst strong competition. And you are able to carve a niche for your business. There are different logo design trends that can work to effectively express your brand. These logo design trends represent the industry your business is in and in particular the uniqueness of your brand.

2. Fonts
Proportional and clutter free fonts are are very attractive and they make a huge difference in bolstering the professional appeal of a corporate design. They are able to appeal to the human sub-consciousness. Helvetica font is simple and is considered good for corporate design. Sans-Serif typefaces are equally preferred by large corporations. Serif fonts such as Times New Roman give corporate design a classical appeal.

3. Colors Strategy
Different colors have different symbolism. Colors influence perception. A combination of different colors mean different things. These color combination can be used effectively to convey the philosophy and vision of your company.

4. Brand Strategy
Branding is the key ingredient for the success of your business. Gauge the perception of your brand through the brand value of your company in the marketplace. Branding is about attracting prospects to show them how your business can provide solution to their problems. Build the credibility of your business through the strength of your brand.

5. Quality
Quality of the products and services is important to cater to potential customers and clients. Premium quality of a product can generate repeat purchase. A company that offers quality services has a great chance of bringing a client back not just once but many times over.

6. Community
Creating a community is equally critical for the success of your business. Apple is iconic in developing the world’s best community centered around its products. Only the highest quality product and services can create a positive image of the company in the community. A dedicated community centered around your product will help to promote your brand through word of mouth marketing.

7. Culture
Corporate communities built around your products also have a specific culture. Culture is the values and knowledge shared by the community. Culture can be good or toxic for the business. Apple has built a healthy culture by surrounding very product launch with mystery. The long lines in front of Apple stores around the world is a testimony to that fact.

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