Make Your Business Flyer Look Professional. Here’s How.

Grow your business and reach out to a wider audience with an eye-catching and stylish business flyer. Here we offer the ultimate guide to the most creative professional looking business flyer. Ideally, a business flyer should be able to grab attention and generate high sales. Your target audience should find it appealing. A custom flyer design service can help you achieve that and much more.

Custom Flyer Design

Functional form of the Flyer

The information should be comprehensible and brief irrespective of the product or service that you are providing. The content should be appealing to your target audience so that they could be enticed to visit your brick and mortar store or online website page or attend an event organized by you. Tastefully designed flyer combined with good content is highly effective in generating sales. It will help to inspire your target audience to make the purchase decision.

Keep the information concise and to the point. Delete any fluff. Edit the text down to the most consequential information only. Respect the reader’s time, the attention of the flyer’s audience is really short, so make that fleeting second count to deliver the most relevant information in an authentic tone.

Keep the language of your flyer easy to follow. Ensure that the size of the font is large and the headline bold. Be fearless and let the big, bold header dominate a large part of the flyer.
Put your contact details or website url in bold colors, offers, sales, promotions, promo code, discounts should be blown up in font size. Make sure to use bold colors.

Place images of the products that you are offering on sale. All these factors beautifully combine to generate sales.

Minimalism with a splash of color

When designing a corporate flyer aim for an aesthetic appeal that is subtle, minimal and calm. Flat design style and a minimalistic appeal can draw the attention of your potential customer and client with very little effort. Minimalism epitomises the use of black, white and grey palette. However, transform the understated design to brilliant with a splash of bold colors that are corporate to the core such as mustard, mint greens and teals. Also steer clear from making your flyers overtly serious. Add is some elements of humour and childlike fun. The goal is to make your target audience hang on to your flyer and it is only possible if the flyer conveys some positive and uplifting emotions.

The design elements

As flyers are optimised for small spaces it is critical to present information in an easy to read and efficient way as possible. Flyers are primarily responsible for grabbing the attention of your prospect while they are surrounded by a number of other distractions. The most effective and desirable flyers have sans serif font, simple and strong color palette, flat icons and boxy grids.

Be Approachable

Never under-estimate the power of a smile. It is important that you present your business with a smiley face. For many prospects your flyer could be the first point of contact with your business. Your company will come across as friendly and approachable.

Collaborate with a company that offers flyer design services to increase your brand visualization and increase your return on investment.

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