Logo, Corporate Identity & Branding are not Same – Know Why?

Building your brand from the scratch can be a cumbersome process. And, when it comes to taking care of it, there are choices a galore – designing a compelling logo that creates a long-lasting impression, building a corporate identity that can set your company ahead of the curve and so forth. However, a logo is neither your brand nor is it your identity. In fact, brand identity design, logo design, and branding have different significance’s, which when compiled together can propel your business growth to a large extent. This following tete-a-tete will shed a light on the difference between logo design, corporate identity, and branding. Check it out to clear out all your confusions –

Logo, Corporate Identity, Branding

Know more about Branding :–

A brand is, “the promise, the big idea, the expectations that reside in every customer’s mind about a product, service or company. Brand identity design is about making an emotional connection”, as beautifully defined by Alina Wheeler. A unique, professional and precise brand identity can help your business stand out in the crowd while keeping your company’s reputation intact. It can be acknowledged as the sum total of all the impressions, experiences and information that a customer has about your organization, products, and services. It is the perceived functional benefits versus the actual attributes of your products or services. If you aspire to set a business and reach your target audiences, you already have your own brand, even if you are not trying to step up its brand value. A brand is the basis of your position in the market and also your competitive advantage.

The purpose of a Logo : –

As a crux of your business, a logo design helps establish the identity of your company. Hence, a stunning logo should be ranked at the top of your list to give your brand the much-coveted boost and recognition. Logo designing is a tangible way to express some of the characteristics and essences of your brand. It won’t be wrong to consider a logo the “brand box” where your audiences can store all the perceptual information for recalling it later. It is an effective way of filtering and organizing messages, memories and data points over time so that an abstract graphic design can embody the whole story of your organization. In a nutshell, as an integral brand asset, a stunning logo can help in drawing more customers by ensuring your business growth.

What is Corporate Identity Design :–

One of the most integral aspects while creating a brand is building a unique corporate identity design. Whether it’s a business card or a poster, a well-structured corporate identity can always promote your brand and services in the most effective way. In maximum cases, corporate identity is based around the visual devices used within an organization, assembled with a set of guidelines. These important guidelines that create an identity generally administer different fonts, color palette, layouts, measurements and more. These make sure that your company identity is kept coherent, that in turn, enables the brand to be recognizable.

To Conclude:-

From a compelling logo to a strong brand identity and recognizable corporate identity… everything is of paramount importance if you are dreaming of staying abreast of the cut-throat competition. The capacity of a logo to leverage your business also lies in the clarity, uniqueness, definition and articulation of the larger brand behind it. The perfect amalgamation of a logo, brand identity, and corporate identity can take your business growth to a whole new level.

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