IPL Team Logos Capture The Spirit of the Game 2017

The madness of the IPL is breathtaking. It is the gathering of people for the love of cricket. Fans immerse themselves in the elegant bating strokes, aggressive fielding, catches and sixes, lights, sounds, and brilliant commentary. It is the greatest entertainment and biggest event of the season. The IPL is a fun cricket tournament that is perfect for spending an evening with friends and family. In 2017 the IPL will be played by 8 different team and each team logo is a reflection of the true spirit of the tournament.

IPL Team Logos

Delhi Daredevils:

Delhi Daredevils

The logo of the Delhi Daredevils is inspired from a Flying Kite. The logo is dynamic and it depicts movement in the forward direction. It is also symbolic for speed, energy and accuracy. It depicts ambition of the Delhi Daredevils wherein the team plays with the belief that sky is the limit.

Kite flying is a very popular and much celebrated pastime in New Delhi. The irresistible charm of cricket uplifts the spirit of every fan. The logo is in keeping with the spirit of the people of Delhi. The logo inspires to align individual team members to play exciting cricket together in the new season of IPL 2017.

Kolkata Knight Riders:

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders logo reflects the spirit of the anthem of KKR. The anthem song is “Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo Re”, that translates into “we will do it, fight for it, win it”. The logo is loaded with enthusiasm and reflects the right kind of energy to win the IPL. The official colours of the logo are purple and gold. Purple represents ambition and the color gold represents courage and wisdom.

The KKR logo also has a viking helmet. Vikings embody the spirit of adventure, courage, skill and impeccable in execution and ability to consolidate their holdings in foreign territory.
The colors and iconography in the logo are relevant to the team morale.

Mumbai Indians:

Mumbai Indians

The Mumbai Indians logo represents the ocean. As the city of Mumbai is at the shore of the ocean, the logo embodies that uniqueness of the city. The ocean is symbolic of strength and hope. The logo also carries the icon of the Sudarshan Chakra, an armament of Lord Krishna. Sudarshan translates into good vision and the Sudarshan Chakra symbolises speed and accuracy in execution. Blue is the dominating color in the logo, which symbolises calmness and intelligence. The color blue may also represent Blue Chip companies which stand for stability and consistency of returns over the long term.

Sunrisers Hyderabad:

Sunrisers Hyderabad

The Sunrisers Hyderabad logo features a blazing sun and a spread out eagle. The logo is predominantly orange in color. Orange is associated with warmth, sunshine, heat, determination, creativity and happiness. The sun represents life and strength. And the eagle is representative of strength, courage, and wisdom.

King’s XI Punjab:

King's XI Punjab

The King’s XI Punjab logo has two roaring lions, one each placed on the left and right side. Lion is symbolic for strength, courage and authority. Red and gray are the predominant colors of the logo. Red is the color of power, determination and aggression. Grey is timeless, practical and sophisticated.

Gujrat Lions:

Gujrat Lions

The Gujrat Lions logo has the side profile of a roaring lion. The lion symbolises strength and courage, and the fierce spirit of competitiveness. Gujarat has been at the forefront of Lion conservation in India. Therefore, the logo aptly captures the spirit of Gujarat which has a rich cricketing history.

Rising Pune SuperGiants:

Rising Pune SuperGiants

The logo of Rising Pune SuperGiants contains a purple cricket ball, surrounded by a pair of golden wings on the two sides. It is inspired from the RP-SG group logo, and it incorporates the colors used by the corporate groups. The wings of the logo represents movement, intelligence and understanding.

Royal Challengers Bangalore:

Royal Challengers Bangalore

The logo of Royal Challengers Bangalore has the complete right profile of a roaring lion which is derived from the original Royal Challenge logo. RC crown emblem is placed on the top of the logo. A roaring lion represents raw power, courage, and aggressiveness. The crown in the emblem represents victory and honor. The logo has red, golden and black color incorporated in it. Black represents strength, authority and prestige. Red represents passion and war. And golden represents wisdom and glory.

Each team logo is unique and reflects the spirit which the teams bring to the tournament.

Disclaimer: We do not claim ownership of any IPL team logos used in this blog. The IPL team logos have been used for blogging purposes only. IPL team logos are trademark of the respective IPL teams.

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