Five Factors that Makes your Logo Unappealing

It is not necessary that a flashy and a vibrantly designed logo will do wonders to enhance your brand image. A logo designer who designs your logo emphasizing only on the gaudiness of the design will only divert the mind of your target audience from the logo.

Logo design should be done only after sound research on the industry or the company you are designing a logo for. Hire the services of a professional logo designcompany with the right team of designers to assist you with the task.

A logo should be designed using the right components and colors. Else, a poorly designed logo will ruin your brand image. Here are some components that make a logo unappealing.

  1. Gradients used unreasonably: Using gradients unreasonably can distract your audience. Ask your logo designers to use a soft and linear gradation that adds some meaning and value to the design. Never use a gradient that fades to white. This will make your logo lose appeal.
  2. Using swoosh as a trend: It is irrational to use the swoosh symbol in your logo design just because it’s a fashion or style. If the swoosh symbol suits the type of the industry you are catering to, its fine. Else, inappropriate application of swoosh will distract your audience from the logo.
  3. Messing up with fonts: You must ask your logo designer to design a logo with appropriate fonts with proper spacing. Without proper spacing, your logo will look untidy and messy. Avoid using fonts in your logo design that condense, like Arial Narrow. Using logos with condensed fonts will only irritate your audience.
  4. Long taglines: Use taglines that are short and crisp enough to effectively communicate the mission, vision and message of your company. Remember that taglines are an effective medium for the marketing of your business. Hire a logo designer who has the correct know-how of taglines. A proper tagline should have a maximum of 3 words. Using taglines that are too long confuses your audience and diverts their attention from the actual message.
  5. Unnecessary effects: Avoid using needless effects like voluminous and thick shadows in designing your logo. This will only make your logo design unpleasant to the audience.

Remember, the main purpose of a logo is to communicate the right meaning and vision of the business to your target consumers. Avoid the above mentioned factors to make your logo catchy and popular.

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