Examples Of Brand Designs To Help You Make The Right Choice

Competition is fierce in this digital age when everyone’s looking to topple the other in terms of creativity and innovation. Branding has now become a necessary roadblock to tackle for enterprises that hope to make a long standing mark in a saturated industry.

Designing a corporate identity that is distinctive yet has a universal appeal is indeed hard to come by. Combining the right graphics, branding materials and graphics will lead to the creation of a near perfect identity that would be unique and also aesthetically pleasing.


Capturing the principles or the notions that the company wishes to convey is difficult and thus much consideration and research must go into eventually develop an identity that perfectly summarises the ethics of the enterprise. Marketing is one of the pillars on which the company stands and indulging in a proper marketing strategy is crucial for the overall success of the company. Choosing the right colours and logo must be given prime importance and not be treated as an afterthought.

It has been observed over the recent years that minimalism attracts. And this is what corporate identity design services are investing their resources in. A de-cluttered look and feel is now preferred over vibrant, vivid images and letters in bold. Following are some of the finer branding and corporate designs that speak volumes for the company with simple design strokes that are perfectly synchronised with what the business venture stands for.

Chola Kitchen

The developer has used an aesthetically pleasing tone all over the website, keeping in mind that the sole focus must be on the variety of food options.


The soothing as well as delectable images used are enough to lure customers in availing the services from the site. The elements are also spaced out lending quite an appeal to the overall look of the website.

Tourist Veg Restaurant

The simple yet catchy logo as well the text used manages to convey exactly what the restaurant aims to deliver.


The colour green is ingeniously used to promote the vegetarianism of the restaurant yet hinting at the delicious array of the food that is available. The choice to use a tiny leaf to dot the “i” is a clever way to further instill the vegetarian nature of the restaurant.

Island Media Management

Marrying the two extremes of the industry, tourism and marketing the simple text and the stylised logo is a complete win. The elaborately, cursive typography is beautifully designed and is quite understated.


The choice of hues and blended images are a brilliant way to convey the exact purpose of the website. From logos to text, the team has crafted each of the elements with care never shadowing the true purpose of the company’s services.


Another brilliant use of fonts and colours, the logo depicts the true soul of the company. Promising to offer everything there is to know about African music and culture the design of the brand too is unique in that it successfully captures the vibrancy of the many facets of the African entertainment world.


The use of the images of a microphone and the silhouette of the African continent are the added gems that take the logo to an elevated level.

Above are some of the few logo designs that successfully capture the attention of the viewers and users instantly. These inspirational designs add on to the brand identity that companies hope to achieve.

The corporate identity designs offered by renowned logo designing companies are great methods to successfully promote their business. Invest in one with due research and consideration.

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