Effective Branding through Website Design and Development

In the modern world, businesses need to have an online presence to deliver a top quality branding experience. Logo Design India will give you solutions in the form of excellent website design and development. We deliver high-quality work of an international standard. For your business requirements, we design and develop websites that are built using the latest technologies. Furthermore, the websites offer full scalability for development and expansion in the future.


Branding through Website Design and Development

Our Website Development Portfolio

The Couture project is an e-commerce store that specializes in Festive and Bridal wear. The Couture Project website has been developed with WordPress. We have built a responsive web design that allows the website to be viewed on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops and the website also supports different.

The Couture project

Our Thought Process Behind the Design

We have designed a search bar that allows customers to search the entire website for their specific bridal clothing. We have designed easy Registration and Login buttons. After login potential customers can save or favorite the bridal or festive clothing they like. We have integrated WordPress WooCommerce plugin which facilitates online shopping. Customers can add the items they want to purchase to the shopping cart. And make easy and secure payment with different Payment Gateways such as PayPal that have been incorporated into the e-commerce site. Additionally, with WooCommerce we have used different templates, widgets, and shortcodes.

We have designed a two column “Look Book” page to display the various products on The Couture Project. A well-designed e-commerce website with an optimized product page drives higher traffic to the site, which results in higher conversion rates and reduces cart abandon rates.

The “SHOP” page showcases “New Arrivals”. It has a “Price Range” slider that allows users to select the festive or bridal wear within a certain price range, thus customizing their search. The SHOP page is further categorized into different product types. It has a Grid View and List View of product display. There are different options to sort the products based on price, popularity, ratings and newest arrivals.

On the Home page, we have added a feature that allows social media display feed. It simply collects all the brand’s social media posts into a single social media feed to be displayed on the Home page.
We have displayed the contact information, and have integrated social media buttons on the header and footer section of every web page. We have added a subscription feature which allows users to get the latest update on The Couture Project.

We have designed a user-friendly Contact Form on the Contact Us. We have also integrated Google Maps which allows potential customers to easily discover the brick and motor location of The Couture Project.

Synchronicity Technology is a subscription service website. For Synchronicity Technology, we have developed the site with custom WordPress coding. The website is responsive. The home page has a slider that displays the market forecast and market research subscription services rendered by Synchronicity Technology. The second slider in the middle of the home page displays multiple forecasting models used by Synchronicity. This is followed by a two column list view of Synchronicity’s subscription services on Forex currency, hedge funds, oil producers, metal producers, farmers and more. We have used wow.js to animate different HTML elements.

Synchronicity Technology

Features That We Have Developed

On the “Subscription Service” page we have designed a unique form that allows multiple subscriptions for one-time pay. We have designed an easy login to each user’s account page.

We have also designed a Register Button that directs visitors to a page which allows them to avail a paid subscription to different services offered by Synchronicity. The target audience can subscribe to Synchronicity’s Strategic Investment Newsletter, Investment Portfolio Model, Independent Investment Research Report, and Commodity Trading and Planning Report. Each subscription is listed with a specific price. Visitors can subscribe to more than one market and investment report, add them to their cart and easily checkout through secure and fast payment options. We have integrated the website with different secure payment gateways such as Moneris and PayPal.

We have designed an advanced contact form that allows lucid communication between Synchronicity and its potential clients. We have designed a user-friendly blog page. We have integrated social media buttons to the website so that users can share the latest updates on the Synchronicity website with their networks on social media platforms.

We have designed pop-ups that allow visitors to subscribe to Synchronicity research report, Synchronicity new blog alerts or get in touch with Synchronicity with any investment or market-related queries.

We have added the contact information on the header and footer of every page. The email, phone, and physical address make it extremely convenient for potential clients to get in touch with the organization.

Logo Design India is an expert and proficient developer of E-commerce and complete web development solutions with special emphasis on responsive website design and development. We use WordPress, Magento, Custom PHP, Angular JS and more to develop premium quality websites on time and in a cost efficient manner.

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