Why Should Cities Be Represented With Logos

The cities New York, Singapore and now Bangalore has been blessed with a logo of their own that has not only managed to catapult the cities’ popularity but has also awarded the citizens with a firm sense of belonging and recognition. Bengaluru or Bangalore, the city already renowned as the best IT hub of the country has been given its own logo after much deliberation, paving the path for more states to follow. The logo was selected from more than thirteen hundred designs that participants at the #NammaBengaluruHubba had been submitting during the course of the street festival.

begaluru logo

Bengaluru’s new logo unveiled in front of Vidhana Soudha. Source: Twitter/ @imFmoharkan


The final design in varied shapes of red has been the focal point of the logo, highlighting “Be” and “U”. Post the unveiling of the logo #BeU soon trended nationwide, making it one of the most talked about topics for days. The logo clearly depicts the multitudinal cultures that seem to simmer within the state as is evident by the name of the city that is in part Kannada and part English. The capital state of Karnataka that is steeped in a plethora of cultures, values and ethnicity has been ideally represented before the world through the colourful logo that depicts images of the important buildings, patterns, dance forms and much more through the right artistic creativity. The #BeU logo is indeed one of the very best examples of the creativity that a logo designer can bring in, taking an organisation or in this case, a state to staggering heights.

Bengaluru Logo

Bengaluru Logo. Image courtesy Bengaluru


The fact that Bengaluru is amongst one of the first Indian cities to be officially branded with a logo for every tourist to remember the city with fondness, brings to light the question regarding the need for logos to represent a city.

The visual vibrancy of a logo is what captures the attention of potential customers and often becomes an important symbol when it comes to referring the company. City names that are depicted through official logos before the world too have gone through similar instances as the logos help imprint the name firmly into the travellers mind, not to mention, giving the existing citizens a sense of unbridled joy.

Brilliantly constructed logos successfully describe the interests of the place in a succinct manner, giving audience a complete view in a single glance. The “Be” and “U” of the logo of Bengaluru portrays the manner in which the city lets its residents to be true to themselves and their roots. The logo aims to embrace the diversity that the place boasts of and this is exactly where the logo designing attempts must be lauded.

It has been proved through research and carefully conducted surveys that the cities with logos can be a tremendous boon to the tourism sector as it attracts thousands of travellers from all over the world. Tourism amounts to one of the major sources of revenues for a state and having a logo that successfully brings to light its every nuance, contributes to the positive outcomes even more.

Since Bangalore has already been the flag bearer of this unique concept, it only makes sense that the rest of the Indian mega cities too are represented with a logo of their own. The diverse culture of Kolkata that can be represented through iconic images of the Howrah Bridge, the Victoria Memorial, images of Goddess Durga, the delectable Rasgullas and much more would not only shed light on the plethora of offerings by the City of Joy but would also enhance its global popularity.

Cities Represented With Logos

The perfect logo for a city should have all the elements that distinguish a place from the rest. The colourful fairs, the festivals, the cuisine, the people, the heritage and the culture when incorporated into a logo can make for a visual treat for the beholders. With Bangalore already joining the bandwagon of cities with logos, can Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Surat be far behind? What do you think? Should every Indian city be represented through a logo? Shoot us a comment below.

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