Check Out The Differences Between Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are drawing a huge deal of appreciation, as they can help you promote your business, products, and services. These apart, they engage leveraging the power of your brand to reach out to more clients, generate more leads and maximizes profit. Despite playing such crucial roles, many people fail to distinguish the basic differences between flyers and brochures. Well, a smattering of knowledge is to blame for the futility. The following excerpt throws a light on the basic differences between brochure and flyer – Besides, business cards and stationary, brochures and flyers are the most popular printed pieces.

Differences Between Flyers and Brochures

Know more about a flyer:-

A flyer refers to a single and an unfolded printed sheet, which is designed to draw the customers’ attention to an event, idea, services or products. Check out the prime features of a flyer –

1. A flyer is usually comprised of the simple content or messages that you can quickly convey to your audiences.

2. A flyer is usually printed on the 8.5” x 11” paper size to keep the cost nominal. Though, flyers can be created in any other size, which is easy to handle.

3. In the case of a flyer, the printing generally remains on one side of the paper.

4. As per the purpose, flyers are often referred to as leaflets, handbills, or circulars, etc.

5. A flyer is a form of the paper advertisement aimed for a wide distribution and typically distributed in a public place or handed out to people or sent through e-mails.

6. Flyers can be printed in any ink color. However, full-color printing is immensely popular, as the main purpose of a flyer is to get noticed.

7. A flyer has a relatively short span of life, as it’s used to announce a one-time event like a special promotion or grand opening. Hence, the sheet used for a flyer needs not to be a heavy-weight paper.

What is a brochure:-

Despite having a plethora of similarities, a brochure is different from a flyer. We have queued up some of the major features of a brochure –

1. Unlike most of the flyers, a brochure has to print on both sides. Also, a brochure also comprises folds that create multiple pages or panels of information.

2. A brochure can be created from multiple sheets bound together.

3. The small and simple brochures are often referred to as pamphlets.

4. Brochures are not distributed as freely as the flyers. A salesperson generally distributes a brochure to a potential customer who is initially interested in the service/ products/ business.

5. A brochure should be of premium quality, as the main purpose it serves is to promote a company, its services or products. While making a purchase decision, your customers will definitely compare the quality of your brochures to those of your competitors. Hence, a quality brochure should always top your priority list.

Once you zero in on the purpose of your next marketing piece, you can decide whether you should opt for a well-constructed brochure or flyer. Head to a reputable flyer designing service or a brochure designing service to fetch the best result.

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