Brochure Design Gone Wrong. Here’s How to Avoid it

Brochures are the best tool in your marketing campaign. They are great for brand visualization. They are amusing, pretty and informative. But very often brochures suffer from some design mistakes that are easily avoidable. Furthermore, brochures with design errors are very damaging to your brand.

We offer a simple guide on how to avoid common mistakes in your brochure design:

Brochure Design Mistakes

Crisp layout
The layout is critical as it guides the viewer’s eye through the sequence of text, images, charts and diagrams. An organized layout will help the visitors easily comprehend the information in the brochure. However, a brochure that is a random collection of charts, diagrams, images and text is hardly compelling. Similarly, a very busy layout is equally unappealing. Make judicious use of white space so that your brochure becomes easily readable.

Avoid fonts that are distracting
Fonts that divert the attention of your audience are certainly not desirable on your brochure. Steer clear from ornate fonts that make readability quite a hassle. You certainly don’t want your audience to struggle through each word as they try to comprehend the meaning of your sentence.

Font types you select are equally important. If using more than one font type, make sure to choose font styles that contrast but blend perfectly to give aesthetically pleasing results. Using font styles that do not complement one another is ill advised. For example, Arial and Comic Sans do not really complement each other. Fonts that beautifully work together are: Super Grotesk and Minion Pro, Kaufmann and NeutraDemi, Helvetica Neue and Garamond, and Brandon Grotesque and Minion Pro. It is imperative that fonts do not conflict.

Avail the standard options for font sizes such as Header 1, Header 2, Header 3, and Body text. Ideally you should select font sizes that helps you remain consistent.

Poor Image Quality
You certainly do not want your brochure to look like a pixelated mess. A low-resolution image offers poor quality user experience. On the contrary, authentic photos resonate with your desired audience. So be diligent when selecting images for high quality. Brochure carries important information about your business, so choose captivating images tailored to your content. Good quality images, when used appropriately, clarify your message and enhance viewer comprehension.

Insufficient editing
Editing plays a key role in the final look of your brochure. Although correcting for every alignment and spacing is tedious, it must be done. It is totally worth the time to ensure that every text box, image, chart and diagram is precisely placed and aligned. If you avoid to do such editing it may result in some regrettable outcomes. So be patient and meticulous to avoid any editing errors. If required take the help of a professional editor, who may be able to give you some helpful insights and identify errors that you may have missed.

Avail brochure designing service to get a high quality brochure designed for your next marketing campaign. Your brochure should not only be creative and informative, but it should also steer clear from the common brochure design mistakes.


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