Which is more beneficial: Custom Websites or CMS?

A business website is one of the pillars on which a company stands. Careful considerations at the initial stages of development and launching go a long way in establishing a website that would not only add a sophisticated edge and contribute to an increase in sales, but also manage the entire content quite efficiently.

Choosing the ideal content management platform should be determined by conducting a thorough research into the end goals of the company and also a study into each of the alternative platforms. It is quite a task deciding between open source and custom coded solution for your website, as each has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Custom Websites or CMS

Differences Between The Two

Open source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are readily available in the market and the codes too are editable. These codes undergo further modifications and can be purchased or downloaded for free to create a website. The ready-made codes, though intricate, can be checked for bugs and errors and also can be subjected to alterations, as they go through numerous rounds of trial and errors. This is so because every time a different website designer or company makes use of the platform, updates and rectifications are instantly incorporated within the existing structure.

Customised platforms however are created by website designing companies exclusively tailored for a single company or firm. The website interface, functionalities and necessary updates are all customised and the control is solely concentrated in the hands of the developer. This also leads to the creation of codes that are required for every single element that needs to be placed on the website.

Choose Between The Two

  • If the users directly involved with the functioning of the CMS are not well equipped with coding, developing and updating without an external support, then it serves better to rethink the options available.
  • Budget too plays an important role in determining the kind of platform you select. Open source platforms that are easily available coded with a pre designed framework are relatively cheaper. However the cost expended on an external developer for regular updates and incorporations might raise the expenses considerably. On the other hand, custom source can be expensive to create depending on the resources used but the overall maintenance cost decreases with an increase in the control over the website.
  • Adding functionalities in open source platforms require a lot of expertise. The resources available to create the necessary modifications and additions must be efficient. Inadequate handling by inept developers might cause the site to crash leading to further complications in the operation of the website.

Customising website designs can be tricky. Invest in a web design company of repute to have a website that suits the company’s specific needs and who are equally adept in managing both open source and custom platforms.

To put it simply, one cannot be placed over the other. Evaluating the in-house resources and the business aspirations of the company are important aspects to consider, before determining on the platform that will suit your company the best.

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