Why Artificial Intelligence In iPhones Is The Next Best Thing

The iPhones of yore did not even have an option to record video and the recent times and development have ensured that recording videos is the least prioritised of all features. Yes, the new generation of the iPhones now come preloaded with a host of newly integrated apps and characteristics that are exclusive to Apple. The phones now come complete with a processor that is built to support Artificial Intelligence.


The new generation of iPhones namely 8 plus and iPhone X function through the six-core A11 bionic processor that has been thoroughly customised to support AI. The feature is amongst one of the many that have made the development process a breeze for the developers. iOS app development services have become relatively easier as applications can now be developed by plugging in the AI.

And no, the advantages just do not end there. From incorporating chatbots into the apps to loading special features into ERPs, the possibilities for AI are indeed limitless. The aim is to integrate AI with most of the apps in the immediate future and it seems that Apple is steadily inching towards that goal. It is not long before AI modifies the way applications are created. Artificial Intelligence looks poised to take over the world as we know it and it is not long before our gadgets fulfilled our wishes without us having to utter a word. This powerful phenomenon is increasingly making its presence felt during the developmental phase of mobile apps and are proving quite beneficial both for the developers and the users.

The Face Recognition feature that is used to instantly unlock an iPhone, the Animojis, an interersting application that makes use of animated avatars that change their facial expressions or even the Face brightening feature that works wonders on photographs clicked through an iPhone all utilise the Artificial Intelligence. No longer do iPhone users need to align apps to specific categories. Siri, one of the prime examples of Artificial Intelligence, suggests options and provide navigational assistance amongst others to the users and make sifting through the phone a seamless experience.

Interestingly, widgets triumph over apps in some regards and thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence, these mini programmes provide a consistent experience. Not as extensive as an application, widget stay on the homescreena and serve their purpose through a single click. Mobile app development companies are making certain that the users are rewarded with an experience that is unparalleled. AI thus is making sure that the features on iPhones are tailor made, customisable and cater to the needs of the times, bridging the gap between the user and the User Interface (UI).

The future demands that Apps come in-built with the smarts capable of exuding an intelligence that make use of an increased data and information.

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