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It is quite frequent that people download an app and after using it for a few times, decide to uninstall it. Usually, two things drive people to get rid of an app – either when it does not serve their purpose or when it is designed badly. Today, users want an app to look good and be intuitive, while at the same time, should be able to make their lives simpler. In fact the whole concept of apps came into existence to help people achieve more in easier ways.

UI design or User Interface design basically refers to the look and feel of a particular app and how the different elements of the app have been placedm all of which together contribute to a consistent user experience. Good UI design can always make a strong impression on the users and can turn them into active users of the app. After all, no one likes to squint to see texts or fumble with terribly small icons.

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App UI Design

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Specific Design for a Specific App

In the world of mobile applications, there can be choices galore. Based on the nature of your app, you can choose a design that compliments it. An app that teaches children how to spell words will not bear the same look and feel as a social networking app. Based on usage, below are the different categories of apps, each with its distinct design scheme.

Business Apps – Business apps typically satisfy customers looking to get some work done. They cater to the working professionals who prioritize productivity over anything. Such apps usually bear a clean and professional design and just include the bare essentials. With precise text and imagery and professional color schemes, they offer robust utility for people.

Educational Apps – These apps are informational and are aimed at people looking to learn. These apps have a lot of textual content and imagery and provide lesser options and functionality. Educational apps have simple minimal design elements with lesser emphasis on features.

Social Networking Apps – Social networking apps allow people to connect to each other. They have a lot of features built in and can be designed in a vibrant fashion. Usually, such apps are designed in a fun and functional way so that users enjoy the interaction.

Ecommerce Apps – For people who love to shop online, eCommerce apps can provide a quick way to do the same on the go. These apps also have a lot of features and functionality built in and can be either clean and professional or designed in a fun way. The main aim is to attract more customers and make the app as intuitive as possible so that buyers keep coming back.

Gaming Apps – Based on the nature and concept, gaming apps can be simple and fun or complex with tons of features baked into it. Simple games are usually lighter and minimal whereas more advanced games feature elaborate design aspects.

An app is an experience – one that can either get carved into your memory for a lifetime or that can fade away within minutes. And one half of this experience is provided by the design. Paying utmost attention to design is essential if you want people to remember you, because after all, nobody has the time to sign up for bad experience.

We Would Like to Assist You

We have a keen eye for design and we like to extend our skills to help our clients. We believe design is meant to please the senses and at the same time should make an app simpler to use.

  • We create beautiful UI designs which provide a seamless user experience
  • For us, design is universal and our UI designs are aimed at improving the way users interact with the apps
  • Our designs are meant to be iconic because we do not want you to be lost in the crowd
  • We make sure the apps remain clean and understandable without skimping on functionality
  • We have a strong experience in this field, having served clients for over 10 years


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